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We are pleased to present you a new range of DELUXE products that carefully complement our current offer. We’ve launched ice cubes and crushed ice to meet your highest expectations. From now on, you can cool down all kinds of drinks using ice made from the purest water while maintaining the latest technology. We decided to offer a small cube with an average size of 21 × 21 mm, because the best in our opinion, it goes well with alcoholic beverages.

DELUXE Orginal Vodka

The soft and properly mineralized spring water means that the Deluxe vodka boasts the highest degree of purity. The water used for the production process comes from artesian wells and is extracted from a depth of over 280 m. Grain spirit, used for the production of Deluxe vodka, is produced in small batches in a six-column stripping installation.

Deluxe vodka at the stage of its production is subjected to a process of seven distillations, and special attention should be paid to a three-fold, unique filtration process. The first filtration silver takes place at a constant temperature, through filter elements filled with silver and dust-free activated carbon, originating from coconut shells. The second crystal filtration is carried out in columns filled with quartz crystals and amber granules. Third filtration gold means vodka filtration through gold-filled filter elements.

DELUXE Crystal Ice Cream

The undeniable must have summer events, amazing ice cream in which you can feel the refined taste of DELUXE Crystal Vodka. Its refreshing taste is due to the excellent flavor ingredients that make up the composition: Mojito Drink (taste of Mojito), Orange Drink (citrus refreshment of oranges) and Cranberry Drink (cranberry flavor that goes great with vodka).

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